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Post by The Pariah on Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:13 am

Hey guys! You can earn Euros for advertising the site! Simply just send out our advertisement to different sites and paste the links in the reply and you can earn 500 Euro for every site you advertise on!


[url=http://wholockparadox.rpg-board.net/]Home[/url] ⌘ [url=http://wholockparadox.rpg-board.net/t2-site-plot]Plot[/url] ⌘ [url=http://wholockparadox.rpg-board.net/t1-rules-and-regulations]Rules[/url][/center]

[i]† † LUCIFER RISES † †

With Metatron in control of heaven's gates, the angels have fallen and become helpless. Although Crowley is still considered the king of Hell, Michael and Lucifer were managed to be set free. Meanwhile, Weeping Angels are sweeping across the streets. They are attempting to get the Doctor's attention and are zapping people who may associate with him.

The demons are planning on waging war while the angels are powerless, and Crowley has gotten control of Pandora's Box, which in itself is a gateway to Purgatory and evil creatures and beasts can escape from when it is opened. While the demons are continuing to grow in numbers and as well have the beasts of purgatory on their sides, the angels are dwindling without power and call for help upon the Time Lords.

While Sherlock and James's resurrections are unknown or if their deaths were truly a hoax, they must decide which side they will choose, or destiny will call to them. People are beginning to speculate that they may either be demons or angels, and it is becoming quite the issue with them.

What side will you choose in the end? Which side do you think is more in your favor?
The choice is yours.

(Plot takes place during time frame of all current seasons of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.)[/i]

⌘ We accept canons and customs from Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who! Torchwood is welcome, as well as the Sarah Jane Adventures. On this forum, all twelve doctors are welcome to RP in the same place!

⌘ Many canons are up for grabs!

⌘ Non-Canon relationships encouraged!

⌘ No word counts~

⌘ This site is meant for everyone to enjoy. No expertise required.

⌘ Friendly and helpful staff
The Pariah
The Pariah

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Post by Guest on Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:07 pm

1. Dendrary Weyr
2. Sentinel Weyr

approved by Mary


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