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Post by RoseMarionTyler on Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:41 am

Full Name: Rose Marion Tyler
Aliases: N/A
Age: 19
Occupation: Companion
Species: Human
Face Claim: Billie Piper

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: London
Personality: .The traits of a dependable, brave, and kind girl have always been inside Rose Tyler. But she didn’t get much chance to show them all until the Doctor came into her life, filled her head with promises of adventure and then took her out to make good on them. Even though the Doctor always says that Rule One is never run off, Rose’s curious personality can’t prevent her from doing just that. There’s always something new to see, why stay behind where it’s safe? Rose may not be a rocket scientist, but she’s still brilliant, and very observant. A true friend, compassionate and caring, Rose has saved several people, and she will be doing it several times more. She cares, and perhaps that is the very essence of her being.
Appearance: Rose Tyler Pbucket

Parents: Jackie and Pete Tyler.
Siblings: Tony Tyler.
Important Figures: The Tenth Doctor, Metacrisis! Doctor, Alternate Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble
Home Town/Planet: Earth
History: Rose Tyler was never anything interesting. She was born into a lower class London family, on a London Council Estate. Her father died early on, she was only a baby when it happened, forcing her mother Jackie to raise her on her own. Oh, the neighborhood was good help, but mostly not, as life was rough. However, as she grew older, she noticed that life was just boring.

As a teenager, she met a boy—a lovely, handsome, totally cool boy. His name was Jimmy Stones, and he was going to be a rock star. As soon as he spoke to her, she fell in love. The trick about teenage love, though, was that she was easily fooled by him—he convinced her to leave her schooling and tour with him. So she did, much to the chagrin of her mother and family, she packed up and left the estate in the middle of the night, and skipped town with her beau.

The boy wasn’t that handsome, really. Or that lovely and nice. He was dark and fearsome, a slave to his drugs and his foul temper. His spending was atrocious. Rose was quickly learning what a mistake she’d made, and when she finally made up her mind to leave him, he left her, with bruised skin, bruised emotions, and a crippling debt.

Jackie, being the gracious mother that she was, welcomed the poor girl back home with open arms. Helped her find a job, and began working with her to settle her debts. And old friend, Mickey Smith, was there to help her, as well. Mickey was moral and emotional support, and soon, the two rekindled a romantic relationship that they’d shared in their younger days. So she lived with her mum, dated her best friend, and worked at Henrik’s department store.

Which was where she was in life the day she met Him. The Doctor. The man from outer space, who traveled in a blue box across the galaxy and across the timelines. He could see the past, present, and all the possible futures. And she saved his life. In return, he gave her a proper gift and took her to see the stars.

Throughout her travels, she learned that there was more to live than simply existing. She was faced with difficult choices, and met extraordinary people across the universe. The value of a sentient life was a lesson she took to heart, and in learning that lesson, was impressed with the thought that if she could do one thing to save another person, then she would do it. And when the Doctor sent her home in the hopes of keeping her safe, although he knew his own life was at stake, Rose saw the opportunity to join forces with his TARDIS, and go back to rescue him.

He’d saved her, and he’d saved the world countless times. She’d seen him do it, and she’d be damned if she couldn’t see him do it again. And she loved him, in the way a person loves those dear to them. She loved him the way she loved Mickey. She loved him the way she loved her mother, and she loved him in the way that she would sooner set her soul on fire and be devoured by the Time Vortex if he didn’t survive. So she did—she looked into the heart of the old ship, and was consumed by the Vortex, and became the BAD WOLF to save him, and to save the universe from the Daleks.

That song, however, came to an end, as her heroic deed ended in having to be saved once again, by the man she loved most. He took the vortex from her, effectively setting his own being aflame with power, and causing his body into regeneration.

His next form scared her—young, handsome, silly, rude, and quite still. They landed on Christmas, and she cried over his loss. The man she loved was gone, but he was still there, and the whole idea of coming to terms with that was hard. But she had to, because that man was the Doctor, and he would prove it to her over and over again.

Later on, Rose's former boyfriend, Mickey, left the TARDIS after discovering a universe where both Mickey's grandmother and Rose's father were still alive. After stopping a Cyberman crisis, resulting in the death of Alternate Jack Tyler and Alternate 'Rickey' Smith, Mickey remained in Pete's World. Rose returned to that universe after almost being sucked into the Void, when the alternate Pete transported her to his world, with Jackie and Mickey. Rose said goodbye to the Doctor, and began to build a dimension canon.

It took a few years, but the canon started working, and Rose began to weave her way through universes, trying to stop the fate that had already come to her universe-the starts going out. Rose started storing enough energy to appear in her original universe for a few minutes at a time. She met Donna Noble in the alternate world created by the woman, helping her restore the original timeline. Rose reunited with her friends during a Dalek invasion by the Cult of Skaro. During which, Donna touched the severed hand that the Tenth Doctor had cut off in the hours of regeneration. This created the Metacrisis Doctor, a human incarnation of the man. After saving the universe, Donna saving every single world, the Tenth Doctor left Rose and the Metacrisis on Bad Wolf Bay with her family.

Nickname: Sabrina
Contact Information: Messaging.
Other Characters: N/A
Source: I found the site via Tumblr, the picture is from photobucket.

Roleplay Sample:
Rose turned a corner. A car screeched by, it's headlights flashing toward the painted words ‘BAD WOLF’ on the wall. Rose recoiled, as the car took a sharp turn, splashing water from the muddle over her. She muttered and wiped it off her jacket. The woman turned her attention back to her goal. A local cafe, smack in the middle of London. Rose focused on her destination. Where the Doctor (Human, of course) told her to meet her. Her shoes clicked on the pavement as she opened the door to the place. The bells jingled.

The woman scaled the place. No sign of him. But what did catch her eye was the women in the corner of the room. She wore sunglasses, a black leather suite, and had a weird-looking bulky backpack. The figure was quite obese, and sat with her mug, farting. That's when she knew what it was. Slitheen. But she had to get her attention first. It seemed very cliche. The suite, the backpack. the glasses. Almost as if it was trying to get her attention, instead of vice versa. Rose frowned. Then again, her life was also a tad superhero cliche on a normal basis. Discover, Run, Rescue, repeat. As least, cliche in her standards.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the blue light of a sonic whirring through the window. And she knew what to do. A small, empty stage, marked 'OPEN MIC' sat in the corner. Rose climbed onto it and tapped the mic. People were drinking. Kids were laughing, students studying for finals. Everything was normal here. No one noticed that Rose Tyler, from another dimension, had returned home.

"Hello!" She tried her best to act worried. "I'm afraid I won't be singing anything tonight, but I have a very important announcement to make. I won't say my real name, but call me-" Her eyes locked on the Slitheen. "-Bad Wolf. Now, has anyone seen a man called the Doctor?" The Slitheen grinned. But her plan had worked perfectly. The creature was caught in a perfect ambush.


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