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Post by The Pariah on Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:30 pm


Sherlock becomes incredibly enthralled by a case with a "disappearing man" known as The Doctor and is spending all of his time trying to find him. The Weeping Angels take this as a motive to try and capture him in order to gain the Doctor's attention. While Sherlock is working on a separate case, he is zapped by the angels and sent to a strange hotel where each room is specific to everyone who is ever brought there. His room, 221 contains all his fears and traps him, sealing into the world and creating a lapse in time and space, making him never have existed in the real world.

The Angels are now targeting anyone and everyone that is involved with the Doctor and Sherlock. Irene and John are the only people who know who know who Sherlock is and they remember that he was working on a case on The Doctor before disappearing. Trying to figure out how to find him, the Doctor ends up seeking them out instead. He contacts them in the most minimal way possible, through phone booths, through mail, trying to tell them to keep their eyes open and to NOT BLINK. The Angels are trying to seek them out.

The Doctor and Clara now reach John and Irene, telling them that Sherlock is trapped in an alternate universe. They must travel through a crack in time to get into the hotel and work their way up through the hotel until they get to the suite that Sherlock is trapped inside. What they don't realize is that while this is going on, the Angels are also targeting people that the Doctor loves. Past companions, friends, and anyone he holds dear, trapping them in different rooms in which they are being faced by their biggest fears imaginable and being tortured. Their only way to be saved is if their door is opened from the other side.

When they finally get to the Suite that Sherlock is trapped inside, it has come to the realization that the hotel s feeding off the complex that Sherlock has -- he tries to be a God. It does not want Sherlock to leave. The Hotel will fight back as much as it can to make sure that The Doctor, Clara, and John do not succeed in retrieving Sherlock Holmes.
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